The Chief Dental Officer for England has finally issued some guidance for dental practices.
It is to protect patients and staff.

Bridlington Dental Studio (BDS) will continue to be open as normal. You do not need to cancel your appointment unless you are vulnerable to corona virus infection.

Vulnerable people are pregnant women, anyone with respiratory problems, anyone with weakened immune systems and most people over 70.

BDS will continue to do everything to prevent spread of the disease. Due to our rigorous cleaning and cross infection it is almost impossible to catch corona virus at our dental practice.

We will stop using the ultrasonic cleaner that we clean your teeth with unless absolutely necessary. This might make any viruses that are in your mouth airborne which could spread the infection.

We will also limit the use of the drill for the same reason. ( I think that will make most people happy!) We will also use a rubber dam to separate your tooth from the rest of your mouth when working on it whenever possible.

BDS expect to remain open throughout this period. Our hours may be reduced in the future. We will provide emergency treatment as much as possible. We will not be allowed to treat anyone with a new persistent cough or a temperature. They will need to be seen at specialist centres. These can be booked through 111.