Bridlington Dental Studio is proud to be the only dentist in Bridlington that is able to offer dental implants.

Now you can have a tooth replaced with something that feels almost like a tooth and chews just like a tooth!

Implants can be placed where teeth have been lost without requiring the adjacent teeth to be shaved down as is often the case with bridges. They are also much more comfortable than dentures and there is nothing to take in and out or move about your mouth.

Of course you need to make sure it is right for you. We need to make sure there is enough bone present and that gum disease will not cause your implant to come loose.

Many people are put off believing the procedure to be very painful but I would recommend speaking to a few people who have had implants and I think you will be reassured. If you need us to put you in touch with some people please get in touch. 

Saul Pineiro is our Implant Dentist, he will advise and guide you through your treatment. If you want more information, or wish to book a FREE initial consultation please contact us.

Implants cost £1990 per tooth.

This includes the crown and all associated appointments.

Additional costs that you may incur could include;

A full jaw x-ray (often called an OPT). This is usually done at Scarborough hospital and they charge £123.

Saul often recommends a CT scan to ensure the nerves and sinuses are not going to be damaged. We will arrange for a mobile scanner to visit the practice.This costs £200.

Bone grafting is sometimes required if there is not quite enough bone or it is not at the level that is ideal. This costs £300 if required.

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Implant supported dentures

Do you have dentures that embarrass you by moving about?

Are you unable to bite into a juicy steak like you want to?

Implants can be placed and the denture attached to them to stop them moving and make them much more stable to chew with.

It is simple to do and a lower denture usually just needs two implants to attach to. We can then place the attachment into your current denture more often than not, meaning you don’t even need a new denture.

This costs £3500.

Do all your teeth need replacing?

If you have no teeth or need all your teeth taking out and replacing you might want to consider porcelain teeth that are permanently fixed to the implants rather than removable dentures.

These are fixed to 4 or 6 implants. You might see them call all-on-four or all-on-six.

We can provide a bespoke price for you. It ranges from £7000- £10 000 for the upper or lower teeth.

Why People Trust Us

“Had my 1st appointment today with Greg,such a warm and welcoming atmosphere as soon as I walked in,thankyou Greg for fitting me in,not many people will say this but looking forward to my next visit”

Joyce Grimson

“Couldn’t recommend the Bridlington dental studio enough. Just had root canal treatment with Saul and all of the treatment was completely pain free. I know people seem to dread root canal procedures but there’s no need to worry here the staff look after you so well and put your mind at rest from the moment you walk through the door.”

Kelly Grainger

“Absolutely amazing! Greg is such a calm and professional gentleman, highly recommend this dental studio. The best dentist in brid by a long way, thank you to the receptionist who was lovely and squeezed me in quickly”

Jason Stokes