So what’s the difference between a good dentist and a not so good one?

They should all check your mouth for decay, gum disease, mouth cancers and other diseases and advise you on how to look after your mouth best.
A better dentist will plan long term for you and your teeth and gums. They’ll make sure you don’t lurch from one broke tooth to another or just haphazardly have problems dealt with when they rear their head.

Good, long lasting dentistry also means less visits for you. A good filling should last years, a good crown or inlay even longer.

A bad filling might leak and cause further decay. It might have ledges and imperfections that plaque can hide in and cause gum disease or decay. All this means the filling ends up needing to be replaced sooner than it ought to be or even worse the tooth will end up requiring root canal or extraction.

Of course you’ve got to look after them and clean the plaque off. All fillings, even the best ones, attract more plaque than a natural tooth.

The very best dentists are always the ones who do all this without hurting you at a reasonable cost.
It doesn’t hurt if they can keep your smile looking attractive too!

I don’t really want to burrow down the wormhole of what has gone wrong with NHS dentistry but I believe it’s extremely difficult to do this sort of dentistry except for the most simple treatments. Most of you will have your own experiences with NHS dentistry and I hope they were good but if they weren’t then we have an alternative for you.

If you are looking for someone like this to look after you and your family then come and see Greg, Chris or Lucy. We believe they are some of the good guys.

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